Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Our day was better today. Trevor is still not 100% but we are getting there. Since it was in the 90's today, we decide to go to Splash Country Water Park. I thought the water was cold at our pool. Even though it was hot outside, the water was cold. Trevor and Miss Talicee played for a while. We had lunch and then both of them took a nap. I just sat and watched the people. I love to do this.

We had dinner at Happy Days Diner. This is a 50's diner. The kids loved it. Tyler would have stayed there for hours if he was with us. Left there and went and played putt putt at Old McDonald's. Lets say, Trevor and I played. Talicee ended up either on the greens, the decorations or was throwing the golf ball. Needless to say she was pretty thristy after this adventure. Trevor wanted to go to Starbucks, so that is where we ended our day. This was a treat for him since he has been sick.

Tomorrow is Tyler's birthday. I know that he does not have access to a computer in Mexico, but I am going to send him an e-card anyway. Tomorrow we are going to have breakfast out, the hotel provides breakfast, but we want to go out. Then just mess around all day. I am hoping by Thursday, Trevor will be 100% and ready for Dollywood.

Enjoy the slide show. We are enjoying our vacation. I feel so relaxed. Why can't I feel this way at home?

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Susan Appleton said...

Kim it looks like you guys are having a ball!!!!!!!! What fun!!!!! I love Tennessee anyway and have been after Doug FOREVER to move to Tennessee. I went to Belmont University when I lived in Nashville and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tennessee!!!!!!!!
Keep enjoying your trip and I'll check back in to see what kinds of fun you're having!!!
Love ya!