Monday, July 14, 2008


We slept in this morning. It was really nice. When Trevor woke up, he was sick. So we just slowly got ready to do something. Nothing was on the schedule today except our dinner theatre tonight. So about 11:00, Trevor was feeling better. So we ventured out shopping. I needed to get Trevor some swimming trunks. I packed Taylor's instead of his. We spent about 2 hours out shopping. He did fine. We came back to get ready for dinner. Trevor was fine. By the time we got to the Black Bear Jamboree, he was not feeling well again. He made it through it, but wanted to come back to the hotel afterwards. I hope he is feeling well tomorrow. We are going to splash country water park. I hope it is the 24 hour junk.

Today, the slide show is not much. Just what we did for dinner. Talicee loved it. I think I know what she will grow up to be. A performer of some kind. She loves the stage. She wanted to stay up there after we came off. Maybe a star or model someday. Way too long off for me to think about.

Hope you enjoy the show. Tomorrow should be more excitement. We are having a great time just relaxing and not thinking about the older boys. If I do, I cry.

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