Saturday, August 23, 2008



Miss Talicee enjoying the football game

My little man (literally) Ready for his first game

Mr. Trevor ready for a hit

Taylor ready for the first game

Taylor is ready for a hit also. Taylor has never played football. He is on second string. Friday night he got to play the whole 2nd half. He did well, to have never played before. We are very proud of him.

I can't believe this is his last year of high school football.

Here he is again. He had a great night. He caught 4 passes. 2 where for touchdowns, but one had to come back because a guy on our team was off sides. I did learn after Friday night's game that I will have to wear my brace on my ankle. I get too excited when he gets a touchdown. Today I am paying for the excitement. Yes, I am crying. (not because of my ankle) LOL It is just going to get worse. Bare with me and my emotions. I never thought I would have to face this day or at least I did not want to.
You guessed it. We arrived at the football field on Friday afternoon at 4:00. Taylor's first JV game was at 4:30. Tyler's game was at 7:30. We finally got home at 11:00. Watched the news and then Friday Football Extra (a football program for the local teams). Tyler's name and him running down the field was on there. Last year he was on this program a lot. I bought him the DVD of last season. I want him to remember all he can. He really is a good player. Even if I am his moma.
Today, we left at 8:30 for Trevor's game in another town. It takes about 45/hour to get there. We sat and watched him play. He has never played also. He got to play a lot. The game was almost over and they put him back in. When I looked up, he had the ball and was running for a touchdown. He did not make it, but tried. Randy and I were not ready for that. He is learning and should be a good player too. He looks up to his brothers.
Tomorrow is our relaxtion day. The pool will close in a week and we will be taking advantage of the last week. At least Talicee and I will. We have another busy week. I guess all of our weeks are busy.

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laurel said...

Everyone looks so cute. Love the theme of red clothes. Maylin has that same shirt, but she out grew it last year. I was sad, I loved it. Enjoy football!