Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is what I found in the trash can when I arrived home. I was in shock.

Randy and I had a Sunday School activity on Saturday night. Tyler and Taylor were to watch Talicee. Trevor was at a friends house for the night. We had a list of things that they needed to do with Talicee. One was to give her a bath. She did not get that either.

They came home and started dinner. While they were fixing dinner, Miss Talicee quietly went upstairs to her room. She proceeded to bring her rocking chair, which was Randy's when he was little, to the boys bathroom. She stood up in the chair and was looking in the mirror holding up the pony tail that I put in to hold her bows in. She had cut this amount (picture above) off. Taylor walked in right before she was going to cut the rest off. Needless to say, their babysitting was very tough last night. Miss Talicee spend quiet a while in time out while we were gone. I am glad she was asleep when we got back. I do have to say, this morning was a different story. I what so mad last night. I had made up my mind that she would be punished for what she did. She came in the bathroom this morning, with those big brown eyes , and said "mommy I sorry for cutting my hair." No more sissors. Now how can you be mad. Does she have me wrapped around her finger or what? LOL The boys never did anything like this. Oh my what is in store for me in the future years.

Ok, bloggers I know that you are laughing and saying I am in store for a whole lot worse. I know that, but don't spoil it for me. I want to still live in the little bubble that I do now. LOL

After the shock of Miss Talicee cutting her hair, I am was able to enjoy the rest of the weekend. We have once again been so busy this week. We have had 4 scrimmages for football. Taylor had 2, Tyler had one and Trevor had one. All three boys have gotten to play. Since Taylor and Trevor has never played football before, they are doing really great. Remember, Trevor only weight 45 pounds. He does stand his ground.

Today was a relaxing day. After church we spent a few hours at the pool with our good friends the Walkers. We then went to the Skate Center for some family fun. Our Awana group sponsored this. I was not sure about Miss Talicee skating. She did great. Don't tell her, but her wheels are suppose to move. We had them locked and she did fine. She skated and played in the gym set. She is growing up too fast. I am still amazed at what she can do at 2 years old. Independent would be one word that I would use. Someone asked me the other day if she was shy. I did a double take. This girl does not know what shy is. She is Miss Social Butterfly. And has the personality to go with it.

It is so much fun watching this little girl grow up. I love every minute of it.


Stephanie said...

Oh NO! I sucked in a big breath when I saw your post! Tatumn is stii so hair challenged that she wouldn't have that much to cut off! Blessings both ways, huh?
Kim, she is so beautiful! ANd I think it's okay for her to be wrapped around your little finger!
Love Much, Stephanie

laurel said...

I am laughing, but laughing with you. I have had that happen so many times at my house. Once, my oldest told by daughter who was 3 she had bugs in her hair and he needed to get them out. So he cut her hair. Good thing for mothers that hair grows back!!!! She is so cute, even with her self haircut!