Friday, August 08, 2008


As I sit here watching the opening ceremonies, I can't help thinking, maybe Talicee's birth mom or dad is in the audience or maybe a participate. I will never know if they were or were not. Only God knows who her birth parents are.

It is so neat to see the final product at the opening ceremonies. When we were there 2 years ago, the Bird's Nest, was just being build. Only one end of the nest was complete. What a beautiful building. I would love to see it. As I watch the ceremonies, I get chills down my spine, because I was there and saw Beijing before all of the Olympic things were built. These people are amazing in what they can do. I love hearing all about China and its people again.

While watching the ceremonies, I uploaded pictures of our weekend at the lake last Sunday. Since I have dial up, it takes a while.

My cousin and my sister have houses on the lake. Each summer they pick a weekend and have all of the cousins over. I mean there are a lot of us. We usually do not get to go because, you know us, we are so busy. To get us scheduled of anything, you have to do it months ahead of time. Anyway, last weekend worked out for us. Talicee and Trevor had a ball. They played in the water until they were so wrinkled. Randy knee boarded. I just watched. I am not a lake person. I go to the pool and do not get in the water. So why would I go to a lake and get in the water. LOL Hope you enjoy the pictures. This is just some of my cousins. We were just all together the week before for my uncle's funeral.

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