Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ballgames and Birthday Parties

Well, you guessed it, we have been super busy. Monday was our only down day. I actually had a branch meeting but it was at my house. So there was not much work for that. Tuesdays are our really busy days. Talicee has preschool. After Trevor gets home from school, we leave for Talicee's dance class. Then rush home to eat dinner and have Trevor at football practice by 6:00.

This week we had a ballgame on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 2 birthday parties on Saturday. So needless to say, we are very tired. Today, I took a very long nap. This week is just as busy. It is Homecoming at the high school. So many activities this week.

Miss Talicee really enjoyed Miss Eva's birthday party. She played and played. She is becoming more out going day by day. She sure has a sweet personality. She cares about everyone. If someone gets hurt, she wants to kiss their boo boo. Her birthday is coming up very soon and that is all that she talks about. She even tells me what she wants for her birthday. Today it was princess stuff, yesterday was match box cars. Who knows what tomorrow will be.

Enjoy the pictures.

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