Saturday, September 06, 2008


Thursday, was the second day of preschool. She went for 1 1/2 this time. Tuesday she will go for the whole 3 hours. She loves it so far. She is learning to share and play well with others. She does not even cry when I leave. This is a blessing, because poor Trevor had a hard time for a while when he went to preschool. I am anxious to see how well she does this week. It is a little sad to see her already in preschool. She is growing up so fast. I can't believe how smart she is. You blink and they are graduating from High School.

I walked out of the kitchen and found Miss Talicee in the laundry hamper. I did not know she was there and she scared me to death. She is a climber. But who could resist the look on her face.

I don't get many pictures of the older boys because they are always invovled in some kind of sports and never home. This is after his game the other night. He was so glad he got to play. Since he is on 2nd string, unless they are winning, he does not get to play. Hopefully, next year he will get to play more. He is a winner in my book no matter if he plays or not.

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laurel said...

She is so cute and growing fast. Your boys are growing too.