Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Our first dance class. Yes, her leotard is too big. I am having a hard time finding any clothes to fit her. But isn't she just the perfect dancer?
As you can see Miss Talicee does not have a hard time making friends. She just fits right in. The little girl that is leaning back is also adopted from China. It is nice to have adopted little girls in her class. Miss Talicee loves dancing.

Ready for our 3rd day of Preschool. She went for the full 3 hours. She loved it. She played, sang, did art and had snack. Snack was her favorite part. The snack was a cupcake because one of the little boys had a birthday. When I looked at the snack calendar, I noticed that most of the snacks this month will be some kind of birthday snack. Oh well, what a way to get used to a new school. Miss Talicee cried this morning because she could not go to school everyday. I am glad she likes school.
This is the cup holder she made in Cubbies. I think this year is going to be a great year for her learning.

This is Miss Talicee in her new cubbie class. She had a ball in class. She did everything that they asked her to do. She really enjoyed Cubbie Bear. She is still talking about him today. The outfit she has on is a 12 month. She is all over the map when it comes to clothing sizes.

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laurel said...

She is so cute! I love the dance picture. I am glad she is loving school. She sure has a look that is like the other Hubei girls I know. I think it is interesting that they all have a similar look...darling!