Saturday, October 04, 2008


Miss Talicee had a great birthday. She had a busy day. She started her day with opening her presents before her brothers left for school. We let her have a cupcake for breakfast. I know, bad parenting.

After the boys left for school, Miss Talicee and I spent the day together. We went to Toys R Us. She had gotten some money for her birthday and it was burning her pocketbook. Guess she is not going to be a saver. Then we went to Red Robin for lunch. They sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her free ice cream. She as so excited. After that we went down town to Beads Indeed and she made herself 2 bracelets. She had a ball picking out her beads and stringing them. She has a fun bracelet and a dressy bracelet.

When we got home, she and Trevor played with her new toy she bought. They had the best time. I love hearing the laughter they were generating. Since it was Friday, you guessed it, we had a ballgame. So I put Miss Talicee down for about 30 minutes. She usually takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoons.

We met Randy's parents for dinner. Randy's birthday is Monday. Then headed to the ballgame. Miss Talicee opened her presents from them before we went into the ballgame. She got play doh and a horse to stuff. Her and Tyler stuffed it today. During the ballgame, we sang Happy Birthday to her and had cupcakes.

After the game she opened presents from my parents and my sister. She got a cd player and a talking baby doll. Lets just say that I can handle the cd player because it has headphones better than the doll that never shuts up. She reminds me of Miss Talicee. SHE TALKS ALL OF THE TIME. Thanks Aunt Mo for sending me even quicker to the crazy house.

Today, Miss Talicee has played with everything she has gotten. She loves it all. I can see a big change from age 2 to 3. Last year she just opened presents and went on, this year she really enjoys her presents.

She has had so much fun with this birthday. Sure wish time would slow down.

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