Friday, October 10, 2008


Could this be considered Child Labor?

Miss Talicee loves to help around the house. Since we are on a tight schedule today, I need all of the help I can get.

She can be so silly sometimes.

She is stuffing her new horse. This is like build a bear, but we are doing it at home. This is a birthday present .

Happy with my finished product

I am jammin to my new music on my cd player. It works better standing on the stool and in front of the microwave. Guess the waves from the microwave make the sound better.

Working on a crown for my Daddy. His Birthday was on Monday.

The Birthday Boy
We have not done that much this week. It has been so nice. We are off from football this week, so the boys have been home early and Thursday and Friday no practice. Tyler made the comment last night that it was nice to eat a hot meal with his family.
We have been busy all week working on applications for scholarships and colleges. He still has not decided where he wants to go for sure. One college called him this week. Should make the final decision in the next few weeks. With the way the economy is going, he may not get to go. I got a financial statement this week and one semester of his college has already been lost. But we will find a way for him and all the rest to go to college. This is a very busy time for him now. yes, I am still crying. Tyler made the statement this week, I am 1/4 of the way through my senior year. Well, I had to leave the room and CRY. This can not be happening. Stop Time Please.
I do have to tell you about our haircut yesterday. While I was getting my haircut, Miss Talicee was talking to my hair cutter's husband. He is bald, so you can see where it is going. She looked at Mr. Jimmy and said:
Talicee: You have no hair
Mr. Jimmy: I know, but I have alot on my chest
Talicee: Why don't you take all that hair from your chest and put it on your head
Mr. Jimmy: Stunded, That might be a good idea (he was amazed that she even thought of something like this)
Talicee: Ms. Gail can do it for you
This was priceless with the conversation and the emotions of Talicee.
I am headed to my 25th class reunion this weekend. Can't wait to see old class members. Then I am off to take my customers on a bus trip to Dresden, Ohio. This is relaxation for me. Hopefully, I will have more pics to share when I get back. I am counting the days until the real relaxation begins. Only 3 weeks way.

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