Friday, October 10, 2008

Let me so I am sorry

This morning has not been a good morning. So I thought I would take a little tiny break and let my fellow blogger friends laugh a little.

I got up and was on a good start. Laundry was in before 7:00 a.m. Got up and had breakfast because I knew it would be a busy day. Got my list out of what to do. Started working on items that I will be taking to my class reunion today and tomorrow. Well, things began to fall apart after that.

I have been looking for a package from Longaberger for about a week now. Yesterday, I left all of the info about tracking with the USPS. They called this morning to say that they have researched the package and they do not have it. CAN YOU SAY PANIC. Well, I get on the computer and look up the package. According to my site, the package was delivered 9/29/08. TODAY IS 10/10/08. Where is my package? See I had to do this last week and the day after I gave proof to the USPS the package showed up the next day. Imagine that. I call Longaberger and they say it has been delivered to the customer, but the site says it is coming to me. Really confused now. The missing package last week was suppose to go to Northern Va and not me, but came to me. So I get my bearings back in order. Most know me, I am really loosing it now. I began to call my customer that was suppose to receive this package. I dial the number, the person on the other end answers, 911, WHAT. I had hit the wrong numbers while dialing my customer and doing 10 other things at the same time. So I tell her that I dialed the wrong number.

I get the package straighten out. USPS calls back and I explain everything to them. Things are better. I finished working on my items for the reunion. I walk out to the garage to put food in the other frig and see a white car turn around in my driveway. I wait, of course my heart is pounding. No one comes to visit in the middle of the morning. I stand there and see a man walk by my windows in the garage. I can only see a man's face. I grab Talicee and wait. The door bell rings and then I hear ***** Sheriff's Office. WHAT. I answer it and he says that he is checking because there was a hang up call from my address. I did not hang up on 911, I told her that I made a mistake. Guess they do not assume anything. So after about 10 minutes assuring him that I was ok and everything else was ok, he left. THIS WAS ONLY 10:10 a.m.

So who knows what the rest of the day will bring. I am so sorry if someone needed the Sheriff's Office while they were checking on stupid me. I think I will just curl up on the couch for the rest of the day. To much drama for me. Like Talicee is not enough drama.

Ok, blogger friends, quite laughing. I can see and feel you laughing now. I know your days are not as exciting as mine. And it is not even 12:00 yet. LOL


laurel said...

Wow. I hope things calm down for you. You definatley have had enough stress for the day.

M and M Girls said...

Hugs for you! I hope the drama ended and you had a chance to sip some nice tea and sit on the sofa and relax - - ok or at leaast dream for a minute about doing that. LOL

trina said...

You are too funny! The same thing happened at our house but it was because the alarm battery needed 4:30AM..ugh. They came and walked around the house and even came inside. Warning: make sure your house is picked up before you go to bed.