Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We were up early on Tuesday. Tyler's flight was out at 7:47 a.m. He is attending a Youth Law forum this week in Washington. Since he wants to major in criminal justice, he decided he wanted to do this class. This is the law side of criminal justice.

I talked to him when he landed in Charlotte, NC. He had a rough flight, but made it ok. He found his next gate and was waiting on that flight to DC. The DC flight was a much better flight. Talked to him about 12:00. His luggage made it and he was with his group.

We talked to him this morning and he was headed to Capitol Hill. How exciting. Have not heard from him since. He is not allowed to have his phone on. Their days are very full. I am looking forward to see how today way. I miss my first born.

Let me tell you about what happen at the airport. Tyler had already gone through security. Everything was fine. He text me that he was getting ready to board. The moma that I am was not going to leave until I see that he is in the air. I saw him walk out to his plane. Then all of a sudden, here comes the fire trucks and the ambulance. Ok, heart stopping. Almost in panic mode. Now I know that I can not go past security. My mind is racing. What is going on. Then I see a plane coming in. It taxied right in our sight. My heart was calming down a bit, but of course my mind is racing. The ambulance pulled up to the plane. An elderly man, his wife and son got off. They put the man in the ambulance. No one else got off of the plane. I am assuming that it was an emergency landing. I sure did not need that when I had just put my son on a plane alone. But all is well. Hope this man is doing well.

I have not finished with the Hawaii pictures. It is just really busy around here. Tuesday's are my busy days. I promise I will get them up sometime. Just takes a while to load them and figure out which picture is which.

Tyler will fly back in Sunday afternoon. I am already missing him. I love you Tyler.

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