Saturday, November 15, 2008



Let me say one thing before I start. The Pacific Ocean is a lot more rougher than the Atlantic. Ok, now here is my story and I am sticking to it.

Since during the day today, we were free, Randy and I wanted to snorkel and see the fish. Snorkeling around Hawaii is like driving a car around here. It is the normal thing.

We headed off to the snorkeling place. We had our own private guide. So it was just Randy, Shawn and I. Usually when we snorkel it is with a group. We also wore wetsuits. Now me in a wetsuit. LOL. Anyway, they had one big enough for me. We put these on and headed out. Now let me tell you, normal snorkeling is being taken out on a boat in the middle of the ocean and you jump in. Around Hawaii, you snorkel anywhere you can. So we start by walking into the water through all of these big lava rocks. No beach here. The current is so strong that it will take you out to sea in a heartbeat. Mind you the waves that are knocking you down every foot you walk.

Finally, we venture out. Now let me say venture. At this time I am getting really nervous. I like my snorkeling where I am in control not the sea. Not here. The sea rules baby. Shawn finally has to pull me out to the spot. The waves and the current are too strong for me.

But once we get there and begin, well you can see in the pictures. It is amazing. The fish and turtles are beautiful. Shawn took the pictures, I was trying to stay in the water. One turtle stayed with Randy and I the whole time. We wanted to reach out and touch him. But $10,000 is a little steep for my pocketbook. If you touch a sea turtle in the water while snorkeling in Hawaii, it is a $10,000 fine. Now if they touch you, then you are ok. This turtle just about touched us. We snorkeled for about 70 minutes. We were getting tired.

Well, you know how I was telling you how hard it was to get out to the spot, coming back in is not easy either. Shawn had to pull me in because the current kept pulling me back out. I guess you could say it is like a beached whale. LOL By the time we reached the shore again, I needed lunch and a nap. What a workout. We probably burned 1,500 calories. I will just continue walking to work my fat off thank you.

We had a great time. Randy did take pictures, but Shawn's are so much better. Enjoy these, because the underwater is amazing. If it had not been so rough, I know we could have seen much more. It is winter time in Hawaii and the seas are rougher during this time.

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