Thursday, November 20, 2008



I forget what day it is and what time it is when I am in Hawaii. I think this is Wednesday. Whatever day it is, it is the day that we went 4 wheeling. What a treat. Randy drove while I took lots of pictures. The island is just so beautiful.

We headed out on our dusty, dirty tour. Our first stop was to see the cattle that was on the ranch. As we were going to our first history stop, we passed some wild pigs and peacocks. There are no predators on the island so animals roam everywhere. Chickens are everywhere because of no fear. The view of the mountains and the island was beath taking. I know I have said this before but how else to describe it.

Our next stop was lunch. We stopped at a little waterfall. We could not get into the water because the stream feeds the cows. While eating lunch, these cats came out to eat. They also had kittens, but they were shy. Could not touch any of them.

As you can tell the ride was very dusty and dirty. Yes, my friends that know me, I do not like dirt. But this was fun. More sight seeing along the ride. The last falls area was beautiful. It was very secluded. Bamboo all around it. Yes, you see a picture of me trying to be a pole dancer. Randy dared me to do that. I will never be a pole dancer. LOL. The bamboo was awsome. As you can tell that Randy and I had on the same shirts. They are called dirt shirts. Yes, they are made out of red clay dirt. We did bring the kids home shirts like this. They love them, even Miss Talicee.

After our dirty and dusty ride, Cody made a suggestion that we stop on the way out and go to another waterfall. Little did I know I would be walking down the children of corn field. I was not impressed. But when we got there, oh what a beautiful sight. The waterfall was amazing. It had a rope swing and then a ladder to climb back up. NO WE DID NOT SWING ON IT.

After coming back to the hotel, we tried to shower the dirt off. Most came off, but still had some on us. We decided that we would just lounge around the pool the rest of the afternoon. We decided that we would have pizza. There was a pizza place in Kola Town that looked good. It was great. We also saw a couple that we met at the Luau. They were celebrating their anniversary in Hawaii.

We came back to the hotel and spent about 4 hours in the pool. They have an adult pool and that is where we stayed. It was nice to go from the jacuzzi to the pool. This is our last night in Hawaii. We fly out tomorrow night. So we just relaxed. We have already packed, so just relaxing now.

Tomorrow we will check out and head for the north shore until our flight is out at 10:00 pm. Lots of pictures of our last day.

I promised I would have them all up, but by the end of the day I am beat. I will finish up this weekend. The last pictures are great of the ocean and our venture home. Thanks for being patient.

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