Monday, November 17, 2008


UP UP AND AWAY (Tuesday)

Today was the day for our flight around the island. We traveled with Wings over Kauai . The owners are graduates of VT. They graduated with Masters and PHD's when Randy graduated as an undergraduate. So we got the Hokies discount. Taking this airplane ride was cheaper than the helicopter rides.

Before we began, we went over the rules. Our pilot, Bruce, was great. He explained everything to us. As we went over each part of the island, he told us where we were. Since we had been to both ends of the island, we kinda knew where we were going. Very educational. All of the pictures were taken from the airplane. Randy took video of the whole thing. Have not had time to look at it. What really was interesting was when we got to the Sleeping Giant Mountain. Within this mountain lies the wettest part of the world. This area always has a cloud over it. It was raining when we passed over it. This area get 450 feet of rain a year. Yes, there are lots of waterfalls. My camera would not pick them up, but Randy's video did.

We got to see the top of Pierce Bronson's house. It was green. Bruce stated that Will Smith and Julia Roberts had been there this past week looking at homes. Down in Hanalei Bay, there is a huge home going up. Could be a celebs, who knows. We did notice that there were quiet a few gated homes. Assuming these are celebs homes.

In the one picture you will see the resort. Yes, it is that big. No, we never go all the way through it. It is just so beautiful. It was nice seeing where we had been and more history of the island. This will be a plane ride we will never forget.

More pictures to come. It just takes a while since I am home and today has been a typically Monday. Enjoy. Remember to scroll down and read the previous post or you will get lost in our adventure.

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Susan Appleton said...

BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation with all of us! Oh I want to go to Hawaii soooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!