Wednesday, November 26, 2008


On Thursday, Randy's parents and his aunt and uncle, and my parents came to dinner at our house. We had a great time just talking. I do have to say the food was awesome, even though I cooked it all myself.

After we cleaned up and everyone had gone, we packed up and headed to my parents. I was really tired, so it took me no time to go to sleep. Friday morning, the boys went hunting. The great white hunters did not even see anything. I think we saw more in my sister's back yard. LOL The girls got lunch ready. We were going to head out for some major shopping. We do not like to do it early in the morning. Too many people. Late in the afternoon, there are no crowds, but great deals. We shopped until 12:00 am. Randy and Michael did not seem to worry about us. When we got home about 1:00 am, Randy and Michael were sitting in the middle of the floor playing a WII game. It was just like 2 little 12 year olds. Melissa and I just laughed and went to bed.

Today, the big boys went to the VT/UVA game. They all had a great time. Paw Paw took Trevor, Morgan and Madison to the movies. Mom, Melissa and I did the last minute shopping. We took Miss Talicee with us. We hit some bad weather on our way home. So we got packed up and headed home. I do have to say, I am finished Christmas shopping for my family. All of the few presents are wrapped. I also finished shopping for the kids from Randy's parents. Now I can enjoy the Christmas holiday.

I think I might get my tree up this week. Who knows, you can't get through my basement. So who knows where the Christmas stuff is. LOLMiss Talicee is really into Christmas this year. She is always talking about Santa Claus, but I bet she will not get near him. We will see. Lots of things happening this month.

See I am loving on the dog (Lelo)

Is this dog suppose to be in the house?

Madison and Miss Talicee

See I am not afraid any more

Lets try it again

Ok, one picture

Doesn't paw paw look cute

Relaxing after dinner


Happy Siblings

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