Thursday, December 04, 2008


I got a new camera today. It is a Nikon D40. I used my points through Longaberger to get it. So I did not pay for it, just won it. I love it. It takes great pictures. I am still learning about it, it will take a while. I was so excited to get it. Now I can catch all of the pictures in motion. Doesn't take a lot to excite me.
New camera pics

Look at the detail

All smiles
Could I hold anything more

Running from the camera

Miss Talicee has a busy month. This week is the only week that there is not a birthday in her preschool class. So she will be wired when I pick her up the rest of the month. With it being December, we as a family have a jam packed month.

I have decorated most of my house. Still need the lights outside. Will get this on Saturday. On Sunday, we will decorate the tree as a family. Kinda sad, this is Tyler's last Christmas before going off to college. Oh, he has been accepted at Liberty University. We still are waiting on about 5 more before we make a decision. We will worry about this after Christmas. Tyler is working selling Christmas trees. He started on Monday. He came home with a roll of money, which was tips. He never would tell us how much it was. I guess he is afraid we will take it. LOL

Miss Talicee has had a cold this week. She has not been sleeping through the night. Oh, this is so hard. By the end of the day you can not be around her. I know, not Miss Talicee, believe me, you just need to be here. Since she is still in a crib, we have to go in and try to comfort her. I do have to say that we have been lazy and bring her into our bed. I know, bad bad,bad. She is slowly getting over her cold. Can't wait to she is better again. I like that Miss Talicee better than the sick one. The whinning has to go. I am about ready to start drinking because of the whinning. Tell me it will stop soon please.

I am so excited to use my camera this weekend. We have a Sunday School Christmas luncheon and just taking pictures of the kids will make it worth it. Look for pictures with my new camera.

Old camera pics

Ready for church


Who could this be?

Really not in the mood for pictures

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