Saturday, December 06, 2008


Well, the holidays have started. I actually finished all of the shopping today. That is for my family and for other people that wanted me to buy for them. I was at the mall by 8:00 and gone by 9:00 am. I knew what I wanted and got it and left. I hate crowds. Everything is wrapped and ready to put under the tree. I will put bows on them. Now the tree is a different story. I have decorated the house. I will let the kids do the tree. Randy put it up today, but it is pretty bare right now. Tomorrow night is tree trimming night for the family. We do not have Awanas, so we will do this. It is the only time we have anyway.

We had our annual Sunday School Dinner (Luncheon) today. Since we have an activity at Church tonight, we had to do it during the day. The food was so good. Of course we played dirty Santa. This is so much fun. We have a ugly, ugly lamp that makes its rounds every year. Yes, we have had the lamp before. It stayed in our basement hidden. We had some new people playing the game. It is so nice to break them in. A new couple got the lamp. This is what happens when you are new. LOL We had a good time. I do have to say that it is really cold here. As I was driving home, I saw snow flakes. Maybe we will have a little snow.

We have a jam packed week ahead of us. Trevor has a program at school, we are having breakfast with Santa, and then our annual Families with Chinese Children Christmas dinner. We love this event. Oh, Thursday, a new baby from China is coming home to her forever family. I am sure there are other things that will slip in. Sunday, the big boys have their football banquet. Tyler is really excited. Yes, I will cry because this is his last one. Ok, moving on now.

Hopefully, I will have more pictures. I love my new camera. I started reading the book on it, and I had to stop. It does so much. I get lost. I think I spent my points for a great product. All the pictures in the slide show are taking with my new camera. Oh, the Santa picture was an unexpected picture. I went to Kroger's one day and happend to see Santa right there where the eggs where. I was so surprised that she jumped right up on his lap. Last year she would not even look at him. What difference a year make. We do plan on see Santa before the holidays are over. Does he work late at night when all of our activities are done? LOL

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