Monday, December 15, 2008


Our Sunday was just a busy as our Saturday was. We had our Christmas Cantada at church today. It was so beautiful. Our friend Pete sang an awesome song. He did a great job. The whole thing was a tear jerker.

After that, we headed to lunch before the boys sports awards ceremony. After the ceremony we had a hayride at Church. We ride around the neighborhoods and sing Christmas carols. Then come in have have homemade cookies and hot chocolate. Miss Talicee is really into the Christmas festivities. She loves to sing. She has an advent calendar that grandmaw gave her that she makes sure that she opens each day. She does not bother the tree unless she wants to know the story of one of the ornaments.

This week at preschool she has parties everyday. She also has her dance recital on Saturday. She has been practicing everyday. For a 3 year old who has never done anything like this before, she has the steps down. I can't wait to see the performance.

In the first picture, it looks like Miss Talicee has something in her mouth. It is actually a face painting on her face. Her face is so small it is hard to do designs.

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Casey said...

Sounds like you are all busy with the holiday season!!

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!