Sunday, December 21, 2008


Friday night we set out to see some Christmas lights. A church that was near us was doing a Live Nativity Scene. I wanted the kids to see this. So we went down to it. Instead of it already being set up, we were Mary, Joseph and the Angels. It was so neat to do this. The kids had a great time pretending.

We then went to the Elks home to see all the lights that they set up. Every different scene, Miss Talicee would say, oh gross. This is her new saying for everything. It means good. We did not stay out long because Miss Talicee had her dance recital on Saturday. She needed to get in bed.

Trevor had other plans. About 12:30 am, I was awakened by this little person telling me he need to throw up. I actually was sleeping very good. This is very odd for me, because I do not sleep. Yes, you guessed it, Trevor had the flu. The kids in his school all have had this junk. So I knew he would get it sometime. By 4:00 Saturday afternoon, he was back to normal. It takes kids no time to bounce back from a sickness. No one else has gotten it yet, please pray we will not.

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