Friday, December 12, 2008


Boy have we had a busy day. While the boys were off at school today, Miss Talicee worked on some of the holiday chores. We started our day by baking cookies and brownies. Taylor had a Christmas party and needed cookies and I made brownies for our FCC Christmas party tomorrow night.

After that, we wrapped the last presents that we had. The kids get out of school next week for Christmas break and I needed to get these gifts wrapped. Miss Talicee had a great time trying to learn how to wrap. She LOVES tape. I have had to hide the scissors and tape. I thought she did good on wrapping. She gave it to me to unwrap. I got a new cell phone, a glow stick and a block. So sweet. She was so excited. All of these things are hers to begin with. Oh, how the learning of a little child works.

Trevor was so excited when he came home from school. He was loaded down with gifts. One of the gifts was from a little girl at school. She really likes him. She gave him a Chaps dress shirt. It is a very nice shirt. So he in return wanted to get her something. We headed to the mall.

Now, I usually do not go to the mall during the holidays. You know, I am done shopping, wrapped, bows on and under the tree. Sorry, this is just me. But we decided that we would venture out to see Santa. We had already told Miss Talicee that we would have to stand in line, on a Friday night, for a while before we got to see him. If we stood in line, she was going to sit on his lap. Well, wouldn't you know, we stood in line for about 3 minutes. Yes, I said 3 minutes. She hoped up on his lap and never looked back. I am still in shock, because last year she would not look at him. Wonder what next year will be like.

The singing bears were upstairs, we headed up. At first Miss Talicee was not to sure about them. Then with a little coaching, she was standing in front of them trying to get them to talk to her. She thinks everyone should talk to her no matter what. This child is not shy at all.

Trevor wanted to get his little friend a gift. So we went to Claire's. We let him decide what he wanted to get her. He wanted to get her a purse. He picked it out and got her some lip gloss. I think this is ok for a 9 year old.

Miss Talicee was very tired by the time we headed home. Tomorrow is a busy day. It will start early with Breakfast with Santa, then baking, party at a friends and then our annual FCC Christmas party. She is so excited. Being 3 adds a different light to the holidays. Last year was just being in the festivities, but being 3 is a whole different world.

Look for pics from our day tomorrow. It will be late due us being gone all day.
I forgot to mention that the song playing is Miss Talicee's and Tyler's favorite Christmas carol.

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