Sunday, December 07, 2008



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I finally realized tonight that my older 2 boys are growing up and they have their own agenda to attend to. I had told them that I would like to decorate the tree on Sunday night since we did not have Awana's. Everything was ok, until last night. Tyler came home and wanted to go see the Power Team at church on Sunday night. Then Taylor said he would like to finish up helping them. He was the backstage guy. So we gave Trevor the option of whether he wanted to go to see the Power Team or decorate the tree. Thank goodness he wanted to decorate the tree.

So it was Randy, Trevor, Miss Talicee and me. We had so much fun. The kids ran around like it was Christmas already. Every ornament pulled out, they wanted to know the story of each one. As you can see we did it in stages. Randy put the tree up, I put the tree trimming baskets on it, and the little ones put the other ornaments on it. As you can see we have a really pretty tree. I did put pictures of last year decorating the tree in the slideshow. The kids have grown so much. I wished time would slow down. Maybe this will be what I ask for Christmas. Enjoy the pictures.

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Sonia said...

Beautiful tree and pictures. Happy Holidays!