Thursday, January 29, 2009


I got an e-mail today from our photographer that did Tyler's pictures. We had ordered graduation announcement through them. Well, we had to proof them today. They are soooooo good. Yes, I cried. This just can not be happening so quickly. Tyler has also talked with the football coach at the college he is interested in 3 times this week. He is very excited. We should know more next week. Yes, I am sad about him going away too. I know, they have to grow up. Pray that they take him in the football program.

Nothing much happening this week. Miss Talicee has had a very bad cold. She is alot better today. We have not been out of the house since Sunday. This has helped her get better. No snow for us this week just ice. Maybe next week. I do have some new pictures of Miss Talicee, but they are downstairs. I will load them this weekend. We made cupcakes Tuesday since she did not have preschool because of the ice. Of course the boys did not have school either, but they did not want to bake.

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