Saturday, January 31, 2009


Taylor's birthday is on Wednesday, but when it is during the week, it is hard to do anything. So Randy's parents came up on their way out of town to celebrate with him. They came and watched Trevor's basketball game and then took Taylor shopping. We met for dinner at one of Taylor's favorite places Oliver Garden. When you are trying to watch what you eat, this is not a good place for me. I actually did really well. Anyway, Taylor got lots of money, that I will have to take and give to him gradually. LOL Since his birthday is on Wednesday, we will wait until Thursday to celebrate it. He has school, weight lifting and church and will not be home until 8:30. Just a little late for celebrating.

The pictures of Miss Talicee are the ones I took earlier this week. She loves to dress up. She will go to her room and pick out anything and dress in it. She loves Halloween costumes. So each day is a new costume. She was out of school on Tuesday, due to ice, and we baked cupcakes. She loves to eat the batter. Matter of fact the whole family would rather eat the batter than the cooked caked. I know, it has raw eggs in it. But where is the fun anymore. Enjoy the pictures.

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