Saturday, January 03, 2009


We celebrated one more Christmas this week. We headed to Randy's parents on New Year's Day. We slept in since it was last when we arrived home on New Year's Day. So our day got started late.

As soon as we arrived, all of the kids headed for the tree, which was packed with gifts. It was lunchtime, so we wanted to eat. The kids wanted to open presents. So guess who won? You got it. The Kids. They were so surprised with their gifts. They love gift cards. They keep asking when they can go spend them. We had lunch and the kids played.

Later on that evening we had a wonderful dinner. Of course, everything that my mother - in - law cooks is great. After dinner, the boys watched the Tech game. I took Miss Talicee and went to bed. On Friday, we were going shopping. Need to get my rest for this.

Friday, Carole and I went shopping to spend our Christmas money. I love to shop down her way because they have stores that I do not have here. We had a great lunch. We spent some much needed time together.

We arrived home late tonight. Since the kids have to go back to school on Monday, I needed to get them rested and back on their schedules. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. How refreshing.

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