Monday, January 05, 2009



Daddy don't let me go

What next

We got our first snow fall of the year. The kids were so excited. Miss Talicee really enjoyed playing in the snow.


You put these in my drawer to wear

I can't see my eyes

Febraury brought different tempatures for us. One day it was 30 and the next it was 60. The kids took advantage of the warm weather. We also had our FCC Chinese New Year. We always enjoy getting to see all of the children.

Taylor had his 14th birthday

March 2008

Baseball Season

Ok, you caught me

Baseball season brought very cold temps. I think I used my winter gear more during baseball season than in football season. Not suppose to work that way.

April 2008

See I can fit in here

Some of my Easter goodies

April brought Easter and a little warmer temps. The kids were off for a week from school, which they enjoyed. Tyler did have baseball practice, but still some down time. Not much snow in our area, so they did not miss any school but we still get out the middle of June. I don't understand.

Trevor had his 9th birthday.

May 2008

Mother's Day

What pretty girls

May brought a lot of emotions. It was Mother's Day. I love celebrating with my family. Miss Talicee just adds so much to our family. I say we added a girl to an all boy family, but sometimes I wonder if she is a girl the way she plays with the boys.

It was Tyler Junior/Senior prom. We did the after prom. All turned out well.

June 2008

Here we go

Cool looking dudes and gal

In June we went to the beach. We had great weather and it was relaxing. So much better than last summer when I broke my ankle the first day we were there. This was also the end Tyler's Junior year. I think I started crying they day he got out of school. We had senior pictures made. Talk about crying. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. We also got the boys ready for their mission trip in July.

July 2008

My little firecracker

Forever Family Day

Emotions are still flowing about Tyler being a Senior now. It was our 2nd Forever Family Day. I can not believe that it has been 2 years already. The boys went on their first missions trip to Mexico. I saw such a change in them when they returned. While they were gone, I took Trevor and Miss Talicee to Pigeon Forge for a few days.

We celebrated the 4th with friends and watched the great fireworks. We also enjoy many many hours at the pool.

Tyler celebrated his 17th birthday in Mexico.

August 2008

Look what I can do

Trevor mastered the knee board

August was an emotional month also. The kids went back to school. Yes, Tyler is offically a senior now. Football has started for all 3 boys. We spent time at my sister's house on the lake. The kids love to go there.

The end of the month football games started and our life go even more crazy.

September 2008

After the game

Talicee's first day of preschool

Wow, I can not believe it is already September. The boys are in full swing with football. Miss Talicee has started preschool and her dance class. The weather is beautiful. Still wearing shorts in late September.

Kim had her XXXX birthday.

October 2008

Love this outfit

Senior Night

We ended the season of football for Tyler. He played his last game at his home football field. Ok, I am crying again. Yes, I am stuggling.

We had another FCC bonfire night. Again all of the children are beautiful. Our Halloween was at the football field this year. Yes, the kids did get lots of candy enough though they were at the ballfield. I can not believe that Tyler's senior year is moving so quickly.

Miss Talicee celebrated her 3rd birthday.

Randy celebrated is xxxx birthday too.

November 2008

Sometimes she is a turkey

Much needed vacation

November brought a much needed vacation for Randy and I. We spend 8 days in Kauai, Hawaii. Words can not expess the beauty of this island. I loved this vacation. So far with all of his trips that we have won, this one has been the best.

Tyler spend a week in Washington, DC doing a Law Forumn. He is going into criminal justice so he wanted to see which side he wanted to study. He had a great time.

We spent Thanksgiving with family.

December 2008

My children

I like Santa now

December was a busy month. We did not have one weekend that we were free. Friends would call and invite us to do things, and we squeezed them in because we love them all.

Miss Talicee had her first dance recital. She did a great job for a 3 year old.

We had many school parties. We did our family baking day, wrapped presents, decorated the house and Christmas tree and had a quiet day on Christmas day at home.

We traveled to see family and friends. We celebrated 2009 with our cherished friends. I would not bring in the new year without them.

2008 was a very challenging year for us. Many joys, tears and struggles, but with God's help we made it through it. 2009 is looking a lot better even though I cry every day thinking about Tyler graduating in June. Yes, in 6 months he will be a college student. Many things to do before this and memories to make.

Keep watching as we progress through another year as The Landes Family.


Casey said...

Looks like a wonderful year!!! I can't imagine how difficult it is watching your baby become a senior!! Liam is only nine, but I always tell him I'll tuck him in at college!!

(He thinks I'm kidding!)

Happy New Year!!

laurel said...

I am glad you have had a great holiday(s). I can't believe how much she has grown through the year. Looks like you all made some wonderful memories last year.