Monday, January 19, 2009


Trevor had his first Upwards basketball game on Saturday. This is a basketball league that is run through the churches. I can say that this was much better than the rec league. The atmosphere was so much better. I think we are going to like this program.

Trevor did great. He is the smallest on his team, but you would never know it. He gives 100% on everything that he does. Size does not matter to him. He got a star for being best defense for the day. The good thing about this program is that it is geared towards teaching the kids about playing, helping them learn the game and sharing fellowship. If you do not win, so be it. It is just a game. Sure wished they had this when the older 2 boys were growing up.

It has been a busy week so I have not taken many pictures. The kids are out of school the next 2 days, so we are going to spend some time together. Tyler does have a Dr.'s appointment today to see if he is headed to surgery. If so, we need to get it done before heading to college. Oh, there is that word again and here come the tears. Moving on.

On Saturday, Miss Talicee decided that she wanted to wear her lady bug hallowing (as she calls it) costume to the game. Well, when it is -1 at your house, and the outfit is really warm, you go for it. Also, I am picking my battles with her. This was not one of them. So today she gets up and comes downstairs in her pirate costume. Our days are just adventurous each day. I wonder what tomorrow will be.

Better run, kids are all playing all of the gaming systems we have. I am going to get them off of WII and do boxing myself. They just love to make fun of me. My sister is right there with them making fun of me. Of well, at least it is me and not someone else. You see, I have the pictures that can come back and haunt them in the years to come. LOL

Enjoy the few pics.

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