Saturday, February 21, 2009


Before Christmas Tyler got an acceptance letter from Ferrum College. He also got asked to play football there. In January, Tyler got a letter from Liberty University. They have given him so good scholarships. Then on Thursday, Tyler got an acceptance from Randolph Macon College. This one was totally out of the blue. We did not think he would be accepted here. They also have given him some great scholarships. We are still waiting on 2 more school. These 2 schools do not make decisions until April 1st.

I am so excited for him. Of course, I am not looking forward to him leaving home in 6 months. Tears flowing. We have also received the outline of what the seniors will be doing in the next 4 months. Cap and gown will be here in April. Tears again. How could this happen so fast. I remember the day I gave birth to him.

We are now working on his graduation party. Trying to pin down a time and a date has been the hardest. Now that we have that, I can order invitations. Stay tuned for all of the details.

As for me and my sickness. I have finished my antibiotics. I still have my cough medicine and my inhaler. I am using the inhaler a lot more than I thought. It really works. I am feeling much better. I have more energy day by day. Hopefully, one of these days I will get rid of this lingering cough. Thank goodness that I do not feel like I did last week. Miss Talicee is feeling better also. She now has a rash around her eye. It may be due to the sickness. No swelling, no running eyes or soreness. Just looks like a black eye. Randy had a touch of this, but he got over it quickly. Trevor came home from school on Friday with a fever, but it is gone now too.

I am ready for spring. We all need to get outside. I need to raise my windows and get these germs out. Who knows when spring will arrive.

No pictures this week. I just have not felt like it. At this point, I don't even know where my camera is. I do have to thank my family for all of the help this week. They cleaned and vacuumed the whole house for me. I just could not do it. Thanks family.


laurel said...

It is such a period of change when your kids get to that age. I am sure all the emotions are tough to feel. Except for the ones of pride, for a wonderful child.,

Susan Appleton said...

Kim, you are sooooooooooooooooo blessed to have raised such a fine young man! I know it's got to be tough dealing with him growing up, but try to find the joy in this period of life too......your fine son is getting ready to decide his future and he's got you guys to thank for all the values and morals and work ethic that you have instilled in him! Look at the wonderful schools that want him!!!! WOW!!!!!! I won't tell you not to cry because I know that I would be too, but at least he's looking at schools close to home AND he's being offered scholarships! Think of the joy it will be when he comes home from college on holidays and shares all of the tales of his college experiences! And to think that he's also building his future!!! What a wonderful foundation you guys have laid for him in his life and now he is ready to go forward and spread those wings! Don't worry.....he'll appreciate home even more once he gets in college. Oh he will realize how good he had it at home and appreciate his return home even more! What an exciting time for all of you!!!!!!! Plus, if he plays football, you guys can visit and attend the games! HOW COOL!!!!!
As for being sick, girl, I am right there in the same boat! I, too, have had to get an inhaler, antibiotics, and the cough medicine! YUCK! My sides and back hurt all the time from coughing....what the heck is this junk?????????? I'm MORE than ready to be over it! I had to drag my sick ol' butt into school today and try to teach! UGH! We have SOL Writing Tests next week and I really need to be there for the kids this week! I may take Friday off just to rest some more! Hang in there sister!
We'll get through it!
Love ya girl!