Saturday, February 07, 2009


When this movie came out in the late fall, we could not work it into our schedule to see. With 4 kids, going to the movies are not an activity we do. Anyway, the movie came out on DVD a couple of weeks ago, so I bought it.

The big boys were gone to a lock in at church and Trevor and Miss Talicee go to bed at 8:00. Trevor was sick yesterday, so he needed to go to bed. So Randy and I had a date night kinda. We popped some popcorn and watched Fireproof.

If you are having any doubts about seeing this movie, please do. It really makes you step back and evaluate your marriage. Our church is getting ready to a series on Fireproof. If you would like to review what the movie is all about and the workbook check out this website If your marriage is great or not so great, this is a good way to make it more than anything you could every want.

Hope you enjoy the movie.

We have a busy day today. Trevor has a basketball game. Miss Talicee has a welcome home party for one of her sisters who come home from China in December. Then Trevor and Taylor will go to their grandparents for a Sportsman dinner. Randy is meeting my parents 1/2 way. Tyler will be sleeping most of the day. You know teenagers. When up all night, sleep all day. Then later this evening Randy, Talicee and I will attend our friend's 50th birthday party. I can not believe that Miss Karen is 50. Where does our time go. I must be thankful that we have family and friends to share our life with. I will post pictures when I can.

I do want to congratulate my friends Scott, Epin, Hana and new baby sister Pax. Miss Pax came into her forever family on Sunday. Their website is PWP, so I can't share pictures, but Miss Pax is beautiful. Reminds me so much of Miss Talicee when we first got her. She is even doing things that Miss Talicee did in China. Wow, so long ago.

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Casey said...

Hey! Thanks so much for your well wishes... Em is doing great!!

And I LOVE having a girl too... can't wait to add earrings to the ever-growing list of things Em loves!

Isn't Pax beautiful?? Makes me want to adopt again!! If only...