Friday, February 13, 2009


This has been my meals for 3 days now. All I have had is this medicine, 1 bowl of soup and a salad in 3 days. Miss Talicee is now on medicine because of the fever. Just took our 2nd dose of medicine. Trying to keep seizures away.

I did throw my aching body out of bed for about 30 minutes and did a load of laundry. I love my family dearly, but leave the laundry to me. Even if I am gasping for breath to get it done, leave it to me. I am back in bed, due to lack of engery. Boy, I wished I could be like the kids and kick this junk in the butt and move on. Not looking like that is going to happen. My kids tell me I walk like I am so old. Speed is not a factor when you are as weak as I am.

I am getting very bored not being able to do anything. So I guess my blogger friends will have to just read my post of how bad I feel. Which is HORRIBLE. Please come to my rescue. Send me comments so that I can read them. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE.

Ok, enough complaining. Off to la la land.

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trina said...

Been there, my friend. It's no fun. CAn you remember what it feels like to feel good? I know I didn't after several days. Maybe just another day and you will be feeling better. Yep, sleep all you can. Watch movies.:)