Friday, February 13, 2009


Well, you would think that after 2 days in bed that I would be on the road to recovery. Nope. I think today is worse than Wednesday. I have coughed all night long. When I finally went to sleep,with medicine, Randy woke me up to tell me that Talicee now has a temperature. It is 101. So I guess she has it now. Hopefully, she can shake it faster than I can. I did start her on Motrin. We have not had any seizures for almost 2 years, but I am not taking any chances. I do not feel or want to go to the hospital today.

Miss Talicee had dance make up day tomorrow. I guess she will not be going. What a way to spend Valentine's day. I have not been this sick for 19 years. After coming back from my honeymoon in January in 1990, I got really sick. This reminds me of that time. I hope not because I had many trips to the Doctor.

Pray for a speedy recover for all of us. Tyler and Trevor had it last week. Now Talicee and I. Randy and Taylor are next. Be afraid be very afraid. LOL

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