Thursday, March 05, 2009


Yesterday, Miss Talicee has to go back to the dentist to get one of her cavities filled. I did not tell her exactly what would happen. I just said that they would do some work on her teeth. Before we went, we stopped at McDonald's and had lunch. You that know me, know that I HATE MCDONALD'S. But I wanted her visit to the dentist to be less stressful. What we will do for our children.

The dentist was great. He explained everything to her. First he told her that the cherry stuff on the qtip would make her lip and cheek feel funny. Then he told her that he needed to put some water on the funny filling section. This was actually the needle that he used to numb the area. What a trooper, no tears. Then he told her that he needed to erase the black spot with this little machine. It would make a humming noise. This is just the eraser working his magic. She still was a trooper. The last part was drying the tooth. He told her that she would glow blue for a little while until the tooth dried. She asked him if she could be green since green is her favorite color. Then we were done. She got in the car and finished her happy meal like she had just been shopping and was hungry. What a brave little girl. I was told that the next ones will not be that easy. We will be going to a peds dentist for this.

I have learned and read that Asians teeth are very different than American teeth. None of the boys have every had a cavity. The dentist also said that if the mother did not have prenatal care, then the babies teeth will not be very strong and will have cavities early. I thought it was something that I had caused her to have. She did not have any teeth when we got her. Actually she did not have any teeth until she was 14 months old. So this explains a lot about the problems she may be facing.

She has been great today. No problems. I do have to tell you something that she said. We were eating dinner tonight and talking about the blackberry Randy had gotten for the business. He was telling me that Tyler wanted one now. All of a sudden, Miss Talicee said that she did not want a blackberry she wanted a green berry. Green was her favorite color. Kids, you gotta love them.

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