Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Miss Talicee and I had our first tea party tonight. She is all of the time playing with her tea pot and cooking set and having a tea party. Well, I had bought her a tea set from Longaberger a while back. So tonight we got it out and made tea and had a cookie to go with our tea.

She had a great time. She put sugar in her tea. She poured the milk in her tea. We just sat and enjoyed our tea with conversation about our day. I really enjoyed this. She did tell her brothers that boys are not coming to the tea party. Tea Parties are for girls only.

Since the kids were out of school again today, they are going back tomorrow yeah. They said they would watch Miss Talicee so that Randy and I could go to a movie. We had money left from Christmas, so we went to the movies. Rules were on our Christmas money was that we could not use it for paying bills. It was for us. So this was for us. We went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. Great clean movie. We needed this time together.

Now, since Miss Talicee and I had a tea party, the boys think they needed to watch a movie. So they are watching the Batman movie.

Looking forward to the kids going back to school. They miss their routines and I can not get anything done.

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