Monday, March 02, 2009


Well, you guessed it, the kids were out of school today. They did not so much. It has been so cold. After Randy got back from running an errand, he, Trevor and Miss Talicee went out for a little while in the snow.

Talicee made snow angels. Randy tried to get her to ride the sled with him, but she would not. I guess yesterday was enough for her. Trevor and her crashed in the snow. She played outside for about 45 minutes. Then came in because it is so cold. The kids are out of school tomorrow too. It will be a short week at school because the temps are suppose to be in the 50's, 60's and high 60's by then end of the week. I guess this is why I can not get rid of this lingering cough.

While I was making the slide show tonight, Miss Talicee was sitting beside of me. All of a sudden she started singing. She was singing a song in Chinese. It was Where is Thumkin, but in Chinese. All of the words were very clear. Now if I did not know the beat to the song, I would have not known what she was singing. Randy told her that she is not to learn Chinese until she is out of college because she is not going to fuss and complain at him in Chinese. LOL

I am just loving this 3 year old stage. Something new each day.

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