Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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I took Miss Talicee to preschool today. I needed to run an errand. So I went to the store. I was waiting on the sidewalk for a car to go by. I was in the crosswalk area. This one car did not stop and I made a comment to myself, I thought pedestrians had the right of way. I saw another car coming down the aisle. I proceeded to cross the road because she had stopped to see if there was anything coming. Strange thing is that she only looked one way. I was already in the middle of the walkway when she came out and kept coming. I had to throw my hand on the hood of her car before she even saw me. I lost my balance but was able to stay upright. I gathered myself and walked to my car. She just kept going. A lady that was behind her saw the whole thing.
As I set in my car thanking God that I was safe, she finally came up to me. Her comment was, I did not see you, the sun was in my eyes. No I am sorry, can I do something for you or anything. Like it was my fault. WHAT DOES CROSSWALK MEAN.
I am still shaking, but I am alright. I lost my balance on my left side where I had broken my ankle, but it should be alright. Sheesh people, watch out where you are going.
Thank you Lord for protecting me today.


Deb, Russ, Lily and Lucy said...

oh my gosh Kim, thank goodness you are ok. And yes we don't want anything to hurt your ankle or we will be twins... LOL... It is really scary out there, people drive crazy and half the time they are on their cellphone.. which I cannot stand... PTL you are ok

laurel said...

Glad to know you are okay. You truly were being watched over.

Sonia said...

Thank goodness that you are okay. That had to be very scary...I'd still be shaking.

Becky said...

Guardian angels are wonderful thank goodness yours was on her toes today! I agree though that so many people have the me-me disease. It is all about ME and only me.

Susan Appleton said...

I am thanking God right now that He kept my good friend, Kim safe today! Oh my goodness what a scary experience that must have been! WHEW!

Natalie said...

That is scary!! So glad that you're OK!!