Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GUESS WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING????????????????????

Spring cleaning Pictures, Images and Photos

I have started spring cleaning. I have not done this since the spring before Miss Talicee came home. So far I have done my bathroom, my bedroom room, which is a big room, Miss Talicee's room and the boys bathroom. I am cleaning walls, windows, baseboards and thing that can be cleaned. I still have 7 more rooms, a garage and an attic to clean before the big YARD SALE DAY.

I have lots of yard sale things. I am even selling baskets. I have a lot of Miss Talicee's clothes that she has finally out grown for sale. I even have furniture to sell. So if you are in my area and in need of anything, please make plans to stop by my yard sale. It will be in April.

I love the feeling of a clean house.

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Susan Appleton said...

Hey Kim, what kinds of baby clothes do you have for sale? I know you always have the cutest things for Miss Talicee so I might be interested in buying some stuff from you!