Friday, March 27, 2009


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It has been a very tough week. I have been cleaning since last Saturday and still not done. I have to start and stop. I cleaned on Monday, did some on Tuesday until time to leave again. Wednesday I cleaned all day. Thursday and today I did not get to do anything.

Thursday, we found out what learning disability Trevor had. He has visual dyslexia and disgraphia. According to the Dr. he should be able to function in a regular classroom all day by the time he goes to middle school. Lots of training and tutoring, but we will over come this. It is so nice to know exactly how to help him learn now. Should see much improvement in the next few weeks. This is all new to me and I am learning along with him.

Today, Miss Talicee and I had some retail therapy. Randy and I are taking a financial class at church. Within this class you are suppose to avoid using credit cards and only use cash. Well, have been saving and paying only in cash. Everything that I bought today I paid cash for. It was so nice to just not have to worry about a bill coming in. This class is teaching us a lot about managing our money better. We will be teaching our kids how to do this too.

Anyway, Miss Talicee's favorite color is green now. It changes every week. So went went looking for a green Easter Dress. She picked out her dress. I will take a picture of it tomorrow and post. I have been gone since 7:00 a.m. this morning and did not get back until 7:00 p.m. tonight. But Easter baskets are done, Easter outfits are put together. Now for our dinner and I will be set.


laurel said...

I have a child with a similar learning disability. It is a lot of work...a lot, but she just got her report card and she got a 3.4. She is the 7th grade. It takes a lot of dedication on the parents part. You are such a super mom, things will be great! Glad you get to have some fun too! And my hubby's favorite color is green too!

Casey said...

Sounds like my week... lots of cleaning and a bit of shopping :) We also went to the cash system and it is so nice!! I'm not a big budget girl... but I'm learning!!

Liam has PDD-NOS and with any disability it takes a lot of time to learn what works the best for your child... but it is always nice to have a diagnosis and start working on the plan. I always feel so much better when I know what I am dealing with and can march forward!! I'll be thinking of you all as you learn to navigate this new hurdle.