Friday, May 29, 2009


Well, after all of the hard work, Miss Talicee will perform tomorrow her dance routine Birthday Party. It is about princess, so she is really into that. For a 3 year old, she has done very well. She is always a few steps behind, but knows the routine. It is so cute to watch the growing dancers. Many will move on to another class. I will be keeping Miss Talicee in this one until she is 5. I am very proud of my little angel. I just love having a girl.

Trevor has a ballgame at the same time of the dance recital. Then a birthday party afterwards. Thank heavens for friends. Otherwise, I do not know how I would be at 2 places at once.

The other 2 boys are just counting down the days until school is out. Tyler has a 5 days and Taylor has 10 days. The last week of school for seniors is alot of play and practice.

Sunday we have graduation at church. Yes, I will be crying. One more step to the big day. Then we have the finale for Awana's Sunday afternoon. It is centered around water, so pray it does not rain. I am so tired of rain. It has rained for a week now. Suppose to be sunny this weekend, so we will see. Maybe we can get in a few hours at the pool.

Don't they look cute (Ella is Chinese too)
Part of her routine

In movement (still learning about my camera)
No she is not singing
The whole group



epin said...

Talicee is beautiful!

M and M Girls said...

Precious. Dance shows are the them. I am sure Talicee was the star.