Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Let me just start off by saying, the kids did not want me to take pictures of them. They wanted to be left alone and feed.

Tyler had a great time at his party. Many of his friends came and had a great time. They ate, swam, played, laid in the sun and ate some more. Thank goodness we only had 1 rain storm. It sent them in, but they all enjoyed all of the pictures I had of Tyler. They signed his journal. Which I just have read and yes I cried. The last of the kids did not leave until about 7:00. Tyler had 2 of them stay with him. We had a blast when the sun went down. Dustin had lost one of his earrings in the water (yes, I said the same thing). So when Michael made a Wally World run, he picked him up some. Guess what, they were really girly. We made smores with strawberry marshmellows. Oh, they were so good. I think everyone hit the bed about 11:30.

Monday morning, we ate breakfast and headed to the lake. I really needed to just do nothing. Yes, we fought with the rain all day. We played and played in the water all day. We came off the lake about 7:00 and packed up and headed home.

One graduation activity down and many to go. I did cry when I was by myself, but I did not want Tyler to see me doing it. I am getting better at the idea of him graduating. I just don't want him to grow any more. I want my little boy back.

Still many things going on until school is out. Why is the end of school so busy and then nothing is happening.

Enjoy the pictures. Many of them are of us on Monday. Since the kids did not want their pictures taken. I do have a few disposable cameras that I need to get developed. We will see what they took pics of. The ducks that you see in the slide show are ones that followed us all over the lake. We feed then stale chips and they loved it. I tired to get them flying in, but they were too fast for me.

I am so happy Tyler enjoyed his party.


M and M Girls said...

Congratulations. Where did he decided to go to college? Congratulations. Exciting times

Casey said...

Congrats!! I can so relate to wanting your baby back... my son is only ten and I feel that way!! Where does time go??

But I bet he is exciting to venture out a bit on his own!! I'm sure he will do great!