Wednesday, May 20, 2009


No not a real person, but a WII game. I have been wanting a personal trainer for a while. Financially we can not afford a personal trainer. So when I saw this in the Target paper this weekend, I had to have it. My very own personal trainer.

I just got through with it. I am doing the 30 day challenge. I thought the first session was very easy. But as I sit here and time goes on, my poor body is beginning to ache. I have been walking 2 miles when I drop Miss Talicee off at preschool. Guess this personal trainer has a different work out in mind because I am hurting already.

I will let you know, maybe with pix, how it is going during my 30 days. So far, I am eating right and getting enough sleep. Starting off right. Stay tuned for the updates.

On a side note, I have been getting pix together for Tyler's graduation party. I have cried for 3 days now. I am just not ready for graduation. Keep praying, it seems to be getting a little easier, maybe.

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Anonymous said...

Let me know how that all works. I want to try that too. It is time to get in shape for me also.

Big hugs to you, I know it is hard letting go, I have done it once and will be doing it again next year. So I am right there with you. Big Hugs!!! Becky