Saturday, May 16, 2009


Winter boots with a summer skirt

This is the listen listen scope 3000 (tripod)

She wore these all week

As you can tell Miss Talicee is making a fashion statement. I happen to find this cute WINTER boots on sale this week. I thought they would look good with some of her WINTER outfits. I had no intentions of her wearing them NOW. She found them and has not taken them off. When we do, she cries and cries. She even wore them with the outfit in the top picture to preschool on Thursday. I tried to reason with her (yes, a 3 year old) to not wear them because it was big wheel day at school and she would be outside all day. Her feet would get hot. Nope, that did not matter. So I let go of some of my control and let her wear them. Well, her teachers just thought that she was a hit. I thought she looked, well you know what I am thinking. The people that know me, know that she has to have outfits, socks, shoes, bows and earrings to match when going out. Yes, I am OCD (as my children say). But I let it go and you know what, she was just as happy as if she did not look funy. Lesson learned.

Make sure you check out the twins, click on side under Hubei sisters, to see what they wore this week. I am not sure I could let that much control go, but I hand it to their momma. She can do it.
Notice that my daughter loves to play with the tripod. She calls it The Listen Listen Scope 3000. This started in December when we had it out video taping Christmas activities. Well, she was in my closest the other day and say it. She played with it for hours. Finally, I had to make her go to bed so that I could put it up. Out of sight out of mind. So far she has not mentioned it. We will see.


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! I love how they are starting to develop their own style even to our own dismay. Believe me there have been many times recently when Lilly has chosen something that really didn't match or I just didn't care for. But you choose your battles and just hope for the best!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It has been a while since dropping by... have to say... you can't beat a girl who is making her own fashion statement :)