Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, it is now the last 2 weeks of May and school is just about out. We are finishing up our extra activities this week.

Saturday, Tyler attended his girlfriends prom. Waiting on pictures from this. Then I will post. They took a limo to the prom. Trevor got in another ballgame. We had one on Friday night and another one on Saturday. Won on Friday and tied on Saturday.

Since I was busy last Sunday, Randy and the kids decided to take me to lunch. One of my favorite places is Carraba's. I first ate at one in Florida and fell in love with it. Now we have one. The food was so good. We have lots left over for dinner one night. After that we headed to church for the closing ceremony of Awana's. The workers look forward to this day. We have been going strong since September. This was Miss Talicee's first year. Since her birthday is so close to the last day of requiring age, the director let her in the 3 year old class. She has had a ball in this class. She would walk right to her room and I never heard from her until I came and got her. She finished her book, the appletree work and got perfect attendance. This is a big feat for a little girl. I am so proud of her.

Trevor finished up the 4th grade level in Awana's. He will be moving to the pre-middle school level. He is very excited. He got a participation award, perfect attendance award and an award for finishing his 2 books in TNT. Pretty good for a little boy who just found out that he has visual dyslexia. I am very proud of him. We are working on helping him with his learning disability. He loves his OT. She comes once a week and he is progressing very well. I can't wait to see his test score after we finish with the OT.

This week is a busy week. Like every week is not busy. We are finishing up preschool. Also, Tyler's graduation party is this weekend. A lot to do before the day. Pray that the weather is beautiful. It is at the lake. Otherwise we are going to have 50 kids in a house while it rains.

Well, off to work on more party preparations. Enjoy the slide show. More pics to come.

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Beautiful flowers. Spring is wonderful even if it is busy!!