Tuesday, May 26, 2009


On May 26, 2006 we got the best news ever. Our daughet was born into our hearts. Our agency called to let us know that we had a daughter from Hubei. Funny thing is that I was just talking about this province a couple of days before referral. She was a beautiful little girl.

Our adoption journey started by domestic. God lead us and then shut all of the doors. We were very confused on why all of the doors where closing on our domestic adoptions. See we already had 3 boys and wanted a little girl so bad. I knew in my heart that if I had another child it would be another boy. So we started with domestic adoption. One lead after another kept coming to an end. So while I was away on a business trip, Randy called me and said we are adopting from China. We started the process. In June 2005, we had our log in date. Months went by, and by and by. And finally on May 26, 2006 our angel came into our life. Finally a little girl for an all boy family.

After almost 3 years in our lives, Miss Talicee has been a joy to our family. It is like she was born in my tummy instead of my heart. I do not even think about her being adopted. She is part of our family just like the boys are. Her brothers love her more than anything. I am so glad God closed the door on domestic adoption and opened up the door on international adoption. Of course, he already knew this, but being mortals as were are, did not know that. What a wonderful plan he has laid out for us.

Miss Talicee Faith LiLi, Li Li Qun, we love you very very much. We are so glad you are in our family. We are looking forward to many years with you.



M and M Girls said...

Happy Referral Day! 3 years does fly by fast. What does Kenny Chesney say? Don't Blink!!!

laurel said...

Happy referral Day!!!! Can you believe how time flies when you are having the time of your life.

Casey said...

I'm a bit late, but HAPPY DAY!! Can you believe it has been THREE years?? Seems like yesterday to me....