Sunday, June 28, 2009


Flowers from Miss Talicee

Ready for camping out

Miss Talicee and Trevor ready for the sleep out

Good night

Waiting for the cruzn

True 2 classics

Which way do I go, which way do I go

Driving Miss Daisey

I would love to have one of these

I love this car
We have spent most of the week at the pool. They weather has been perfect. Sometimes a little hot, but water cools that off. No I have not turned my air on yet. Have no plans of turning it on. We grew up without air, my kids can too.
Tuesday Trevor and Miss Talicee decided to camp out. The weather was great. So about 8:00, we put them in the tent. They had the DVD player, lamp and food and drink. At about 11:00, I woke up to Miss Talicee being held by Tyler over my bed. She wanted to come in. Trevor followed shortly after. Some camp out. At least they tried
Friday night Taylor, Trevor, Miss Talicee and myself set out to watch the cruzn of classic cars. This is something that the whole families loves. We love from the oldest to the youngest cars. We laughed and laughed at the cars. Some of these teenagers think they have a classic car, when it is just late 90's. Of course my kids picked out the ones they would like to have. Miss Talicee wants the red one she is pictured in.
Laid back week this week and then off on vacation. Counting the days.

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Casey said...

Can't wait to go camping ourselves this year... looks like fun!!