Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Floating myself

Went all of the way under


Happy I am getting used to the water

Trying it again

Practicing kicking on mommy's legs

Laying on the steps

Practicing kicking on the steps

Jumping to mommy

Tyler, look how high he is

Rick, he is higher

I am going to splash all of you

Patrick made the biggest splash, of course he is bigger than the other 2

Higher than before

Pancake kids

Can opener kids
Flying squirrel
At the pool today, Tyler and some of his friends had a fun time on the diving boards during break time. I kinda got teared eyed thinking that this may be the last time they are together before they take off for college. All three are heading in 3 different directions. They had a ball though. I am sure they were not thinking the same thing I was. It is good to see kids play even though they are not kids anymore.

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