Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today was beach day. We loaded up and headed to the beach early. When we got there, the beach had a lot of people on it. Now, this is a public beach. It was so crowded during the day, we could not let the kids go to the water by themselves. We would loose them.

The kids played in the sand and water all day. The weather was perfect. A little breeze and temps in low 80's. A day where you get more sun than you realize. We are realizing it now. We did see 3 people actually change from their street clothes into bathing suits on the beach. They had towels around them, but they did it. The one lady just stripped right there. The boys were gone shopping and Miss Talicee was asleep, but I was stunned. I looked for signs that we were on a nudist beach, but did not find any. People will do anything.

After a whole day on the beach, we headed back to get ready for dinner. Seafood night. Randy and I ate seafood the first night we were coming down here, but I believe this meal was better. The crab legs were great. When they all you can eat, we eat. We all love crab legs. Miss Talicee really liked them this time. Oh, what have we created.

After dinner, the boys and Miss Talicee played putt putt. Carole and I walked the streets. LOL. We actually had ice cream and walked down the board walk. The kids had a great time. Tomorrow it is suppose to be cloudy, so who knows where we will go.

Have you noticed that our oldest son is not in the pictures. He went to the beach with his girlfriends parents. He will leave on a mission's trip early Monday morning. We will not get home until late Sunday night. I really miss him. He sounded tired tonight when I talked to him. Can't believe he will turn 18 on Thursday.

Well, off to bed. All of the kiddo's are snoring. I wonder what tomorrow will bring on our mini vacation.


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