Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On Sunday we decided to go to the aquarium. The kids really enjoyed it. We saw all kinds of fish and sea life, birds and anything else that crawls outside on a beach. The weather was really hot, so we were glad we chose the aquarium.

We had lunch and then headed home. We were anxious to get home to see Tyler. He was leaving at 4:30 on Monday morning to go to Philly on a Missions Trip. It was so nice to see him and to catch up on things. I think, deep down, he missed us too. He made the comment that our house make strange noises. He stayed by himself on Saturday night.

Well, Tyler will once again miss spending his birthday with his family. Last year he was in Mexico and this year he will be in Philly/New York. But the youth group is suppose to do something special for him tomorrow.

Enjoy the slide shows of our mini vacation.

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