Thursday, July 23, 2009


This week Miss Talicee and Trevor are at my parents for the week. So the older boys have been home with Randy and I. We have had some great bonding time. Since Tyler is working and does not get home until late, we have been eating dinner late. We have shared a lot of stories this week. Seems different when you have older kids that can carry on a conversation and you don't have to stop and cut food, help someone eat. Big change.

Last night Randy, Taylor and I went out together. Randy wanted to hit golf balls so Taylor decided to do that too. I read a magazine. Taylor is so funny. He finished his bucket of balls and came over to where Randy was and started being a British commentator. I laughed until my sides hurt. Needless to say my sides are sore today. We then came home and watched a movie together. We had a great time.

I can see where Taylor gets a little jealous when his other siblings are around. When it is just him, he opens up and lets out his personality. Which is as sweet as it can be. But he would never let anyone know.

This time has been great with them since they are growing so fast. They boys have actually wanted to be with moma this week. I miss that time of just holding and cuddling them. Soon they will be on their own and facing the big world out there.

Tyler and I have been getting things ready for school. We buy little things as we see them. Not ready for this. He leaves in less than a month. To beat it all the other 2 boys start school the day after he leaves for college. Now is that not a tear jerker.

Well, only 2 days left with my older boys until the younger kids come home. I am so loven having this special time with them.


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