Saturday, July 25, 2009


The decoration on the table

Award Mr. Hustle (that is why the pic is blurry)
Waiting for weightlifting pin for Lettermen's jacket

Proud award winner

All of his awards

What a sweet little face
Now this (this is what we get all of the time)

Bountiful Harvest from our garden

Saying my head shakes like a volcano

Maybe he should be doing weightlifting

2 peas in a pod

Friday night Taylor had is weightlifting awards banquet. He was so excited. He has been on the elite team since they started this team in September. There are only 10 top team members and he as been right there with them. He is competing with junior and seniors. He did not know that he was getting an award last night. The coaches had called to let us know that he would be getting one. He got Mr. Hustle. He would always finish his session and want to do more. He also got his pen for his jacket. They did not have this team when Tyler was in school. So it is nice to see Taylor get some of the glory now.

Trevor and Miss Talicee were just goofing off this evening. So that is why they are in the pics. I do want to brag on my bountiful harvest. We planted a garden back in May and have been waiting on the harvest. Got what we were waiting on. Now to keep the ground hog from eating everything before we get to it.

Football season is getting ready to start up. This is the last week that the boys have any free time. I think they are planning on being pretty lazy. School and college is just around the corner. Time just flies by too fast.


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Cheri said...

Where has the summer gone? I love reading the updates. ADorable kiddos!