Thursday, July 16, 2009


I can not believe what a year this has been. I have a high school graduate and now an 18 year old. Where did the time go? I remember the day he was born (all 18 hours of it). How could he grow so fast. Now in about a month he will be heading to college (tears). Where did my baby boy go. I know that God had a great plan for him.

Happy 18th Birthday sweet boy. We love you very much.



laurel said...

Happy 18th birthday!!!

Susan Appleton said...

Happy 18th Birthday to Tyler! And congrats Mom and Dad for raising a fine son who is ready to go out in the world and make a difference! What a joy you must have in your hearts (despite the tears!).

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!

The big wide world is out there for him to conquer. You know he will do great..he had great teachers, his parents. Pat yourself on the back and prepare for the next one out of the nest.